What kind of pets do you accept?

We can accept almost any animal up 500 pounds. Contact us with questions about any specific animal, and we will be happy to help make arrangements and select an appropriately sized receptacle. We do not have equipment for equine services.

Can I arrange for aquamation through my veterinarian?

Yes! We are proud to partner with multiple services throughout the Kansas City area. Please ask your veterinarian if they are affiliated with Heartland Pet Aquamation. If your veterinarian is not yet an affiliate, please call us to make your arrangements directly.

Can I bring my pet in myself?

Yes! If you prefer to bring your pet yourself, please call us to schedule a time we can receive them.

How do I know I am getting my pet’s remains?

At Heartland Pet Aquamation, we take the chain of custody very seriously. When we collect your pet, they are individually documented in our database and given a steel disc with a unique ID number which will stay with them until your pet is returned to you. Our affiliated veterinary partners can look up the current status of your pet through our software.

Can I Tour Your Facility?

We welcome families to visit our facility, see our equipment, and learn more about our mission and our practice. Call today to schedule a visit.


1414 Wyoming St #9,
Kansas City MO 64102