Private Aquamation

Your pet is placed in a private cradle with an identifying token to ensure that only your pet’s remains are returned to you. Ashes will be returned to you in a PawPod biodegradable bamboo urn.


Under 1 lb$90
1-49 lbs$150
50-99 lbs$175
100-150 lbs$200
>150 lbs$200 +$1 per additional lb

Communal Aquamation

If you do not wish to receive your pet’s ashes, we will cremate them in a shared receptacle and spread them on local farmland.


0-49 lbs$50
50-99 lbs$75
100-150 lbs$100
>100 lbs$100 +$1 per additional lb

Paw Prints

An impression of your pet’s paw in a special case with a photo holder in the lid.


Witnessed Cremation

If you wish to be present while your pet is prepared for cremation, please call us for scheduling.

Hair Clipping

A lock of your pet’s hair sealed in a protective case.



If you wish to make arrangements for your pet in advance, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

In-Home Pickup

We offer in-home pickup of your pet within 25 miles of our office, located in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. 

$75 during regular business hours.


We offer a wide variety of memorialization options for your beloved pet. We offer urns, keepsake jewelry, custom ornaments and jewelry featuring your pet’s paw print, and more. An online catalog of our offerings will be available soon.

Veterinarian Office collection

We offer free collection from our affiliated veterinary practices. If your veterinarian is not yet affiliated with Heartland Pet Aquamation, ask them to contact us at

Custom Engraving

We offer engraving services using our Glowforge 3D laser printer. A sample gallery of our custom creations, from paw print ornaments to custom engraved photos, is coming soon.