COVID-19 Update

The influence of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus touches every part of modern life in 2020, and I want to discuss how it affects operations here at Heartland Pet Aquamation. Our mission is to serve the families who have recently lost their beloved pets, a need which persists under all circumstances. Our full range of services will continue to be available throughout COVID-19, with a few updates and precautions.

Most importantly, visitors and staff will all be required to wear a mask inside our facility. If you wish to schedule an appointment for us to receive your pet at our office, please wear a mask. In addition, contactless curbside pickup can be done at our office, or during in-home pickup if you are more comfortable staying at home. You can expect us to be wearing a facemask and gloves, and carrying hand sanitizer in our vehicle.

Research is ongoing regarding whether animals can carry or spread COVID-19, but alkaline hydrolysis, the scientific technique for performing aquamation, has been used for decades for the sterile disposal of medical waste. The process completely breaks down organic matter, including bacteria, viruses, and prions, into base proteins and sugars, leaving no DNA intact. When we return your pet’s cremated remains, you can be 100% certain that they are safe to handle. You can keep them in your home in a decorative urn, or scatter them in a meaningful location.

Lastly, we are a new business, and that means our #1 job is to listen to you, the pet families we care for. How can we serve and support you and the animals in your life? And how have your pets supported you during the last few months? We’d love to hear from you!

The smile is still important, even when it's behind a mask.

I love my flamingo mask!

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